Oriol Vidal


Multi-disciplined illustrator [Oriol Vidal](https://www.oriolvidal.es/) crafts
lively and vibrant artwork for a variety of media. Using delicate linework,
strong composition and touches of texture, Oriol brings comical monsters,
adorable dinosaurs and high-spirited children to life for picture books and
storyboards. By creating relatable characters, he is able to capture life's
more realistic and reflective moments.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Oriol studied Fine Arts at the [University of
Barcelona](http://www.ub.edu/web/ub/en/). In a career spanning a little over a
decade, he has worked on children's books, character designs, concept art and
storyboards. He has illustrated for publishing houses such as Scholastic,
Harper Collins and MacMillan. And has developed storyboards for animation
companies including Disney, Imira Entertainment.
Oriol is currently a storyboard artist at the multi-award winning Irish
animation company [Boulder Media](http://www.bouldermedia.tv/). He has worked
on the fantastic Danger Mouse reboot and the [upcoming Micronauts
based on Hasbro toyline.

Be sure to pore over Oriol Vidal's
[storyboards](http://oriolvidalstoryboards.blogspot.com/), dive into his
[picture book portfolio](https://www.behance.net/dibujero) and follow
[@oriol__vidal](https://www.instagram.com/oriol__vidal/) on Instagram.